Increase Your Bookings: Tips to Beef Up Your Hosting in Airbnb, And Other Online Booking Channels.

Even if you feel you have an incredible variety of serviced accommodations, how do you ensure people find you online? And even once they’ve found you, how do you encourage them to make a booking, and want to do so again in the future?

Being found online is one of the biggest problems serviced accommodations providers face. Not only does your property need to look and sound awesome, but the digital world is crowded with other holiday rentals fighting for the same customer attention – how do you stand out?

  • Channel Manager.
    You will need a Channel Manager, and you will need to be featured on as many online travel agents as possible. The Channel Manager makes this process smooth and has a central system to control everything for all online agents.

  • Be responsive.
    Guest inquiry response speed proves to Airbnb and and other online booking channels, where you have your property lists, that you’re ready, willing, and able.

If you’re a host who’s regularly busy with things outside of Airbnb or, we’ve got you covered. Firoz Property Management responds to all booking requests and guest inquiries with our 24/7 Guest Communications team. We will prevent any missed bookings.

  • Avoid cancelling bookings.
    Airbnb and penalize hosts who cancel bookings, as this seriously inconveniences guests. Make sure to only accept bookings you know you can see through.

  • Competitive Rate.
    Set a competitive rate for your properties. At Firoz Property Management, we can help you determine the price of other service accommodation within a specific area. It gives you the best chance at securing a booking while using the highest Airbnb, daily rates possible.

  • Log in to Airbnb and regularly.
    Make sure you log in regularly. This is another angle from that Airbnb and’s algorithm works in order to track how available you are for the guests. They take note of how much time you spend on the site and the effort will be rewarded. It will seriously pay off, so you can either make it a habit or we, at Firoz Property Management, will do it for you! We can make your properties rank as high in the search results as possible using our listing optimization expertise.

  • Keyword filters.
    There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you can’t quickly find what you’re looking for on a website or can’t filter an extensive list. Therefore, if your holiday rental bookings are down, do some quick user testing on your search features. Can your visitors filter by location? A number of guests? Price? Date availability?

Despite what you’d expect, your visitors probably won’t appreciate a lot of choices. Instead, they want to feel the whole journey is tailored to them.

  • Get social.
    All search engines, Airbnb and included, put more trust in something they see more than once. Promote your hostings on social media like Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

  • Offer discounts.
    Long stays and regular visitors will save you money. Build-in price breaks when your visitors add days to their trips and stay longer than a week. When you can get a full group that stays for an extended period of time. You save money on cleaning and you have fewer gaps between bookings. Having a new guest every day means seven times the cleaning of having a guest that stays for the full week. Not to mention, you have to worry about check-ins, check-outs, getting deposits and more. Also if a guest wants to stay over the same period of time every year. You should consider offering a discount for that as well. Things are easier when you can trust a loyal guest.

Admittedly, there’s a lot of information to be aware of and to try to implement. But remember that every day is a new day and your Airbnb and status usually only reflects your activity over the past 30 days. So, if you have a bad month, there’s always next time and there’s always Firoz Property Management that will put you at the top of Airbnb and search results. Regardless of the extra work, it’s worth taking these tips to heart. You want to be proud of the Airbnb and you build, and you want to be able to fill it with happy and satisfied guests.

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