Guaranteed Rental Income

GUARANTEED RENT, on time, every single month!

Looking for someone to rent your property from you and give you that Guaranteed Rent every single month and of course, a long-term relationship?
Due to increased demands we are currently looking and sourcing for properties/ apartments /houses to Rent nationally. We will give a guaranteed rent per month.
Due to increased demands we are currently looking and sourcing for properties/ apartments /houses to Rent nationally. We will give a guaranteed rent per month.
Guaranteed Rent With 0% Agency Fees!

We charge no fees – you will have no tenant problems as we deal with all maintenance & tenants

No emergency call outs and NO VOIDS!


We are a team of experienced property management professionals who believe in providing the best possible service to our customers. We are dedicated to making your property a success and providing you with a guaranteed rent income.

Guaranteed Rental Income UK | Firoz Property Management

How does Guaranteed rent work in The UK?

Guaranteed Rental Income is a new, innovative and simple way of getting guaranteed rental income from your property without any effort.


We will become your tenant and therefore take on the liability, giving you peace of mind, guaranteeing you a fixed rental income per month for your property nationally.

This is ideal for a landlord who wants no hassle and long term guaranteed rental income from a professional property company whose interest it is to keep you happy and satisfied.


Our guaranteed rent scheme offers investors an opportunity to own their own building and earn guaranteed rental income on their investment with minimal work.

The benefits to you if you work with us:

Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme UK | Firoz Property Management


We have various different ways in which we can guarantee the rent to you, this ranges from using the property as an HMO or Holiday Let/ Short Let/ Serviced Accommodation.

1) We work with local businesses, corporates, hospitals to help house their professional employees and healthcare workers (who do twelve to twenty-four-month rotations) or usually professionals would pay per night and book the property for a week or few weeks at a time.

2) Short let contractors, business travelers or leisure guests. All properties are installed with CCTV & sound monitor alarms to prevent any loud noise or parties, therefore, making sure the property is looked after & managed well.

3) Our corporate clients vary from national to international companies who are working in the area on short term contracts, generally for 2-5 months which is too short for a normal tenancy but not cost-effective for hotel accommodation. Sometimes this can be a few weeks at a time also.

4) We turn properties into luxurious homes for contractors, business travellers, leisure guests or families to live in, they would stay for a minimum of 6 or 12 months AST tenancies. Not to mention houseshares or also known as Professional HMO’s.


Guaranteed Rental Income For Landlords UK | Firoz Property Management
Guaranteed Rental Income Properties UK | Firoz Property Management


We are only interested in apartments, ideally with parking but it is not a must.

This is not an issue, the property does not need to be in the good decorative condition as we can agree to refurbish the property to bring it up to our standards.

If you are unsure, then please contact us and we can discuss options with you.

Key Benefits With Us:

  • Guaranteed Rental Income, on time, every single month — We know what properties work well, we can guarantee the rental income on time, every single month without fail. NO MISSED PAYMENTS. Rent will be paid in full every month regardless of whether the property is tenanted or vacant.​
  • Passive income — You, the landlord/ investor, will be making money from the property while we do all the hard work.​

After visiting your property, we can normally make you an offer within 24-48 hours! Our offer will be based on market value and condition.

The price we agree will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract regardless of whether the property is vacant for short periods of time. The contract will either be a management agreement directly with the landlord or a Company Let Agreement.

We are open to 1-3 bedroom houses or apartments and maybe even bigger projects, that have good transport links, large or average-sized properties that can accommodate contractors,, business travelers and even families for leisure.



Does Guaranteed Rent Work Nationally?

100%, our Guaranteed Rent works nationally in which you the landlord that is looking for an alternative service rather than having a new tenant in your property every 6 months, 12 months, a year and so on or having voids
With us, we have a long term agreement in place and are able to offer a better deal whilst being completely hands-off & hassle-free for you!

Which Companies Provide Guaranteed Rent Nationally?

There are a lot of other companies that provide Guaranteed Rent nationally but we are unique because we offer a wide range of options that we can do with your property like for Short Letting or Serviced Accommodation and HMO. Start earning guaranteed income today. Get in touch with us!

Guaranteed Rent Scheme UK | Firoz Property Management
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